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Soil and Soil Water Assessment

Water holding capacity is an essential soil moisture parameter for irrigation design, irrigation management, field calibration and ground truthing of EM scanning maps, and input to the Overseer model. 

HydroServices has expertise, experience and a soil moisture data base to carry out water holding capacity assessment:

  • Soil profiles inspected, classified and evaluated for quality characteristics (structure, porosity, biological activity).

  • The suitability of the soil for the intended purpose can be assessed and reported.

  • Neutron probe and tensiometer measurements of soil moisture in 10cm layers from the soil surface to a depth of to 1 to 1.2 metres can be made and field capacity and wilting point determined from a unique soil moisture release or pF curve.

  • The depth of the soil moisture measurements depends on soil type and crop to be grown, and the final purpose of the soil moisture assessments.

  • The measurements are made in situ – no destructive soil sampling, no disturbed samples, no laboratory analysis.

  • Different soil types and variations can be easily, rapidly and precisely measured and reported.